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  • Who is hiding behind O'Bout de la Plume?
    Behind O'Bout de la Plume hides Audrey, a Toulouse girl with a passion for our feline friends. Having been surrounded by a grandfather who loved woodworking, I always had the need to be manual, creative. As a cat lover for many years, and having participated in cat shows, I was able to observe their way of playing, and the toys that were offered to them on the market. This is how in 2015 the desire to create toys by myself began to arise, which would allow me to play for more than 5 minutes without the toys breaking, or the feathers flying.< /p> This is how O'Bout de la Plume was born in 2017!
  • O'Bout de la Plume, what is it?"
    O'Bout de la Plume are toys for cats, handmade (and in France) with passion. O'Bout de la Plume offers you quality and resistant toys, fully customizable according to your desires. Counting on diversification, O'Bout de la Plume will offer you throughout the year novelties with feathers, ribbons, 3D printing; both for cats and for humans.
  • Who are the O'Bout de la Plume intended for?
    The O'Bout de la Plume are mainly intended for cats (and kittens), but can also be interesting for NAC (ferrets, rats, ...)
  • Can I personalize the feather dusters, kits, blankets, comforters... ?"
    For most custom creations, you can choose the size of the handle, the colors as well as the customization in the handle. Pillows, cuddly toys and rustling squares can be personalized. These items are made to order, we invite you to send us a message via the "Contact us" tab to discuss.
  • What are the forms of payment accepted ?
    Accepted payment methods are: - PayPal - Bank card - Transfer For payments by bank transfer, your order will only be processed upon receipt of payment.
  • How will my order be sent?
    You have 3 shipping options: - By letter followed (not currently available) - By Colissimo - By Chronopost Prices and delivery times vary depending on the option chosen. An email with the tracking number of your order will be sent to you by email. A delay may appear between sending the email and updating the tracking. Since shipments are made once a week, this delay is normal. To find out where your order is, go to www.laposte. en/individual/tools/track-your-shipments
  • What is the lead time for an order?
    For "Bespoke" creations, the lead time is 12 weeks. The lead time may vary depending on the orders to be processed, and the type of creations. For example, the production time for a Ball'Stars or an Origa'Cat will be around 1 week, while that for a kitten kit will be around 10 weeks. For "Available Immediately" products, orders will be processed in the days following the order. In case of combination of Tailor-made creations and Immediately available products, the longest delay will be applied.
  • Do you make partnerships, or preferential prices?
    Partnerships can be set up if you are a breeder. By setting up this partnership, you (breeder) benefit from a 10% reduction and free shipping for all orders over €50 (€80 internationally). Your adopters will also be able to benefit from a 10% discount, with no minimum purchase, thanks to a personalized promotional code, which you choose. In return, you will be asked to share the O'Bout de la Plume logo as well as the link to the store on your website and social networks. You must specify that you are in partnership with us for the production of your kitten kits. The partnership is not exclusive. Preferential prices can be offered in the event of a large order, a group order, or if you are a professional in the animal sector (pet store, animal association, veterinarian, .....)Contact us for more information.
  • You have a project, or you want a particular order"
    For any project that is not present on the site (making throws, cuddly toys, rustling squares or feather dusters that are not on the shop), send us a message via the "Contact us" page.< /p> Tell us about your project. We will respond to you as soon as possible and will then send you a quote.
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